Autism is Caused by EMF?

EMF causes DNA damage.

Our studies show a direct link between Autism rates and EMF radiation from cell phones, and other sources of "dirty electricity".


This site was created because I am a mother of a child with autism. I believe the current charities for autism have not been evaluating EMF enough...if at all. I also established that no one is reading the countless emails they must receive. If any scientist out there does have a cure or an idea for one, a place to display it is not readily available. If you have one, please email us with "CURE FOUND" or "CURE POSSIBLE" in the heading and I will definitely read it. I plan to have  some harmless treatments up soon...even FREE ones, so check back periodically and post information you have found valuable in the forums. Eventually, I will design a poll as did Dr. Rimland to evaluate these latest treatments.

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